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Matthew Winstanley

Matthew Winstanley is the lead singer of Melbourne band Truly Holy and from time to time he will perform solo, drawing on songs from the bands early days as ‘Straw King Eye’, some solo projects, new material, unheard material and covers. On the 23rd of August he performs two sets, both punctuated with unusual covers and occasionally returning to Truly Holy’s most familiar tracks, such as their song ‘One Thousand Years’.

If Truly Holy deal with portals and other worlds, then Matthew’s solo work deals with real life. At times they are self-deprecating and humorous, a catchy expression of life’s bitter ironies, while at others they are curious and unsettling, strange stories inspired by either personal experience or urban legend. Whichever way the pendulum swings, there is much to explore and given the amount of diverse music to draw from, the 23rd of August should be an entertaining evening with a songwriter laid bare.

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